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Shandong province, with another name "Lu", is an important coastal province in East China. Located on the lower reaches of the Yellow River, it borders on the Bohai and Yellow Seas, and overlooks the Korean Peninsula and the Japan Archipelago across a vast stretch of sea. The province has a total area of 156,000 square kilometers (about 60,235 square miles) and a total population of over 90 million.
Jinan , the capital of Shandong Province, which is located south of Tai Mountain. Yellow River and Xiaoqing River are the two chief water style.Jinan is a prosperous and long-history city which is famous for springs--especially “the number one spring” . So she is also called" the city of springs".
    Jinan has three major scenic spots of the city. They are the Baotu Spring, Daming Lake and Qianfo Mountain.
Baotu Spring Park is a natural rock and spring garden.Baotu Spring, which the best one among the 72 famous springs in Jinan, is regarded as "the first spring under heaven". The spring water spurts out in three prongs, just like three piles of snow. Furthermore,there are a great number of small springs hiding at the bottom of the pond. So yon can see a string of bubbles like a string of pearls rising. The spring water is so sweet and pure that it is optimum for drinking and making tea.
Qianfo Mountain is a hill which is 285 meters in height located southeast of the city of Jinan. It is very outstanding for its numerous Buddha images and its Xingguochan Temple.
Daming Lake
Daming Lake ,is one of the biggest lakes in jinan.It is located at the center of jinan's urban area.The park takes an area of 86 ha,with the lake covering 46.5 ha.
Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium
Jinan held the 11th National Games.The construction of the Jinan Olympic Sports Center Stadium is reported that this year our province will make contributions to facilitating the provision of fitness for the masses.The stadium is situated in new city aera of Jinan,which includes one stadium and three gyms.The stadium is designed as the style of willow's leaf,and the gym just likes a lotus,which stand for the tree and folwer of the city,so it's called “东荷西柳”。
The  second largest city of shandong qingdao
The city of Qingdao is in the east of Shangdong Province. It is famous for the blue sea and beautiful beaches. It is a wonderful place for summer holidays. Tens of thousands of people from all parts of the country visit Qingdao every summer. They walk along the beach, go swimming or do some shopping. They can see fine view of the city.
Qingdao International Beer Festival
Every summer Qingdao hosts the Beer Festival. As someone who has attended three of them, I can honestly tell you it's a best  time. If you are a serious drinker or a casual weekend enthusiast, you'll see the best of China's beer drinking culture at the event.


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